Thomas Heberer
The New York City Jazz Record from 2016
Thomas Heberer/Achim Kaufmann/Ken Filiano: Interstices
New York City, “the jazz capital of the world”, may own another distinction to which,
arguably, no other musical locale can stake its claim: “trumpeter capital of the world”.
The list of visionaries is a long one and for the past several years, Germany’s
Thomas Heberer has been on it...
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  • The New York City Jazz Record from 2016
    Featured Artist: Thomas Heberer
    ...At 50, Heberer is solidly a force in this music, but he’s also still learning: “relocating to NYC has really broadened my perspective..."
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  • The Free Jazz Collective from 2015
    The Nu Band: The Cosmological Constant
    ...They sing, they swing, they dance, they bop, they can holler like the blues, but then they
    loosen up and go on a wonderful expansion of their own compositions...
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  • The Free Jazz Collective from 2015
    Thomas Heberer/Pascal Niggenkemper: Miner's Pick
    ...I like Thomas Heberer, an incredibly gifted and creative musician whose restless mind offers new approaches with each album....
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  • The New York City Jazz Record from 2013
    Thomas Heberer/Achim Kaufmann: Knoten
    Following a 30-year gestation period, Achim Kaufmann (piano and prepared piano) and
    Thomas Heberer (trumpet and quarter-tone trumpet) have recorded their first duo disc.
    This program of high quality improv was worth the wait but one wishes they had done so
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  • Point of Departure from 2013
    Travellin' Light - 20 Questions About Life on the Road
    Born and raised in Germany, trumpeter/composer Thomas Heberer...
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  • The Free Jazz Collective from 2012
    Thomas Heberer's Clarino: Cookbook
    ...staggeringly beautiful...*****
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  • Point of Departure from 2012
    Han Bennink's Birthday Concert at Columbia University, NYC
    ...Teitelbaum’s otherworldly sounds then seeped to the foreground, with Heberer veering between the type of exquisitely etched bop-informed lines that were Booker Little’s calling card and gurgling sounds that echoed Teitelbaum’s. The trumpeter then slid into one of Mengelberg’s more swaggering melodies, which...
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  • The New York City Jazz Record from 2011
    Thomas Heberer: Klippe/One
    ...Klippe/One is a perfect place to get acquainted with Heberer’s art and hopefully his recognition on his own will continue to increase.
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  • Signal to Noise from 2011
    ICP Orchestra
    ...The ICP Orchestra are known for their seamless blend of composition and improvisation with a humorous touch. Kurt Gottschalk hangs with the band for three days in Philadelphia. Photos by Ryan Collerd......
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  • The Free Jazz Collective from 2010
    Schmidt/Rohrer/Heberer: Pieces for a Husky Puzzle
    ...A rare combination of accessible, creative, austere yet emotional beauty.
    Highly recommended! *****
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  • Afric Pepperbird from 2009
    ICP in Edinburgh
    ...Baars and Delius got generous solo space, and Thomas Heberer shone as a truly outstanding talent on the trumpet with no imitators or discernible influences. He has the same oblique approach to building a solo as Michael Moore, and both men took their moments well and played some incredibly inventive solos....
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  • Cadence from 2008
    LIP LAB: Lex Luna
    Thomas Heberer has made a good name for himself based in large part on his fiery and thoughtful acumen as a soloist with the ICP Orchestra. This one is Heberer's all the way, as he is featured throughout. His trumpet combines unexpectedly with tuba and drums for a diverse, if short, romp through ten original compositions by the leader. Each piece is different, and surprises abound, though Heberer's depth as a trumpeter is likely to be the greatest wonder to those unfamiliar with his work....
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  • DOWN BEAT from 2007
    ICP Orchestra's 40th Anniversary Feature
    ...Trumpeter Thomas Heberer has been with the ICP for 15 years. "On our recent trip to Australia I heard someone...
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  • New York Times from 2006
    ICP Orchestra's Experimental Jazz Swing
    ....The 10-piece group still adheres to Mr. Mengelberg's mandate of instant
    .....Swing - the jump-band variety, not the polished orchestral
    fare - was a shadow presence throughout the evening.....
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  • The Wire + All Music Guide from 2005
    SSH: Plays Shhh
    Trumpeter Thomas Heberer of Cologne, Germany, is featured prominently on
    this trio recording, improvising more or less as a soloist at great length over
    backgrounds....Recorded direct-to-disc without overdubs, it's a phenomenally
    beautiful set....
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  • All Music Guide from 2004
    Heberer/Manderscheid: What a Wonderful World
    .... While half the pieces were actually written by Heberer, all retain the essence of Satchmo, with a general focal point of early 20th century jazz that is contorted and distorted, yet ironically (or even oxymoronically), greatly respectful toward the melodies and original styles....
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  • DOWN BEAT from 2003
    Heberer/Manderscheid: What a Wonderful World
    ....As a trumpeter, Heberer has taken quite a risk by honoring the fountain of
    jazz trumpet, but he is such a lithe and adept player,....that any comparison
    will necessarily emphasize his original approach more than any direct Pops lineage....
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  • All Music Guide from 2003
    T.O.M.: Stella
    ....While fans of Heberer's free jazz playing could conceivably flee the room at the
    sheerest hint of electronic drumming patterns, these pieces are places indeed worth
    visiting. On this CD Heberer opens a door of sorts, proving that soloists of his quality
    can find a fresh place within these sorts of contemporary pop grooves.
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  • RoRoRo Jazzlexikon from 2002
    CV Thomas Heberer, page 1
    ....So nennt er als wichtige Einflüsse neben Booker Little und Freddie Hubbard auch
    Louis Armstrong, Harry Sweets Edison, Roy Eldridge und die vokal geprägte Jungle-
    Tradition bei Ellington-Trompetern....
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  • RoRoRo Jazzlexikon from 2002
    CV Thomas Heberer, page 2
    ....die Zusammenarbeit mit Dieter Manderscheid, mit dem er 1989 in Indien und den
    USA gastierte und das mit dem Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik ausgezeichnete
    Album Chicago Breakdown - The Music of Jelly Roll Morton einspielte....
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